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Literature and Performance

 The Literature and Performance is one of the subjects that is unique in itself. This is because it an interdisciplinary subject studied in both Group 1 (Language & literature) and Group 6 (The Arts). This is a versatile subject as it allows the exploration of literary themes and ideas of a text or a literary piece with corresponding performance on a stage or theatre. That is the reason the name Literature and Performance had been given to this course as the students of this course not only study the literature but also perform the studied text in a practical setup. This allows for a greater understanding of the literary themes and ideas and helps in better knowledge of theatre practices and principles. The mission of this course is clearly described in a nutshell in the official IBO handbook: “Literature and performance allows students to combine literary analysis with the investigation of the role of performance in our understanding of dramatic literature.”

However this subject is available at only Standard Level (SL). So the student is required to study it only in the first year of the diploma programme. Further this subject is available exclusively in English language only. The entire course is clearly divided into three main parts: Core Content, Internal Assessment and External Assessment.

The core content of the course involves the in depth study of a minimum of five texts which includes three different genres of poetry, drama and novel. The Internal Assessment involves individual oral presentation and performance of 15 minutes and 5 minutes respectively by the student. The overall weightage of this part is 40%of the total marks. The External Assessment comprises 40% of the weightage of marks which is further divided into two different assignments of 20% each – Paper 1 & 2. Paper 1 which comprises of Prose and Performance in which students answer questions about the intricacies of dramatizing a novel. The other half called Paper 2 is a study of poetry in which the students answer one comparative essay out of six options. The remaining 20% of the overall course marks is a written coursework of 1500-2000 words that is to be made by the student.

We have excellent expertise in the English language and literature as our English teachers are having Master’s degree and above in English and they are subject matter experts in their respective field. Be it Spencer’s or Wordsworth or Shakespeare or Coleridge or any other poet/writer of any age or genre – our teachers have adequate knowledge and experience to help you out in your External written assignments. We also help you in making you conversant with literary terms and techniques and their interpretation in dramatic setup.

So if you are studying Sophocles or Shakespeare or Marquez or Allende – you can master any author’s writings or any dramatists plays if you want by simply taking our expert guidance and help from our expert English teachers. Do contact us if you have any kind of query on your Literature and Performance subject as we feel happy to help our students in the bets possible manner.